Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer is Almost Here

Weds. officially marks summer at my house. The girls will be out of school for the summer!! So many projects to get together for them to work on!! Probably some pillowcases and maybe doll clothes..OUr Gorgeous Voo Doo Lillies Bloomed, but died fast..I think there about 8 of them. Gorgeous, aren't they?

Still missing my Dad....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Since last time...

Wow, so much is going on and has been keeping me busy. From the Cha Cha Challenge I'm hosting at Stitchin' Heaven and much more serious things, my blogcrastination is getting worse.

Last week (May 11th, to be exact), I was on my way short notice to NY to see my father who has been fighting cancer for over a year. I arrived, but was still too late. As I landed, my father passed. Like my step mother said, people pick when they die. She said he knew I had arrived and I really think he knew I didnt want my last memory of him to be that way....It's weird now, I won't be getting those Sunday phone calls or hear silly messages on my machine saying "it's dear old Dad..pick up the phone you shit bird" . LOL My father had a way with words. It was priceless hearing all his friends & family recalling "Joeisms". The tribute at the funeral on Powerpoint we watched, made by his long time neighbor & good friend, Rory, was right. We all laughed...And that's how it usually is...I'm gonna miss him... <3

But, with such a sad thing, was also one that brought us together and was so nice to see family we hadnt seen in years. Thank God for Facebook, too! Here's some pics of the scenery along Mattituck to Greenport on Long Island.. Enjoy.