Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So Out of Touch

Seriously, our "puter" got sick and we've been without. The world takes on new meaning with realizing that life can and must go on without internet service. It was hard, but we did it! (wink) lol
Anyway, I can finally blog about my awesome ornie package I got from Missy last month! How great, huh?!
I got new specs last week, too! I really, really like them. I wasnt sure how I'd do with the chunky look, but I dig 'em! :o) I also dared to cut my hair, not too short...Its gonna be gradual, but you can def. see a difference.
I have a million and twenty projects Im working on, including a couple of handbags, an ornament, table runner, round robin & oh yeah..a balloon valance...But Im here writing in this thing..I better go!

Monday, February 1, 2010

New this week...

Woo hoo! I got my new ornie partner (yay, Anna! & my last partner, Melissa) It's fairies this month! Woo hoo!
Hmm, I have the day off tomorrow...Woo! Jon & I are gonna have a day date while the girls are in school and I'm gonna get some much needed housework done.
Haven't been sewing too much lately, but here is the ornie I sent out for last month on the YOE Swap.
Its wasnt hard at all I found a really great tutorial by googling quilted ornaments...Way cool!

I still haven't gotten the guts to cut my hair shorter than my shoulders...I struggle between these 10 crappy lbs. but for the most part, I feel so DARN GOOD!
Hope you're well! XOXO