Monday, March 15, 2010

Catchin' Up...

It's been busy trying to get life back together since Granny and my sister were here.  I've re decorated every  room in the house. Of course, though, I redecorated with things I already had. I moved things from one room to another.  My dining room looks pretty great, with the re arrange. I even made some gorgeous tafetta curtains to finish the room off.  I founf the fabric for $1.95 a yard, so $18 later, wa la! I have these elegant curtains.
I also, cut my hair a little shorter tonight. Hubby didn't freak, so I know I can go a little shorter. Will try and get a good pic. 
Hmm...I cleaned my sewing room and found a ton of goodies for my future YOE swap buddies. I think I may also do a giveaway. What do you think?
Deb is hosting Bootcamp for Shop owers this week. I speak between 1-2 tomorrow about Social Media Marketing. Wish me luck. I always get nervous speaking in front of strangers.
Hope everyone is having a great week. OOOHH! I almost forgot, anyone else reading , Dear John? I'm on part two, I love it!

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nattyj said...

Hi Niki - I'm your April YOE swap partner, yes I'm the Aussie! How did your speaking event go? Hope it was a huge success. You sound super busy with all your commitments, and product reviews & blogging!
I'm loving this month's theme & really enjoying making birdies for you! Cheers, Natalie :)