Friday, November 19, 2010

Swaps & Stuff

YOE is going so great and ending so soon! Thanks, girls for all the fun & goodies! *smooches*
With thanksgiving being just next week means the rush is on....I will be entertaining the kids and my Granny the latter part of the week and Dinner is at out house on Thanksgiving day. The menu includes: Turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, spicy corn (recipe below), I stole the image from Sweet Pea @ her blog. She calls it corn dip and adds a few other ingredients that I don't, but mine looks just like hers......Ok, back to the menu, cornbread & rice dressing, sweet potatoe casserole, brown sugar julienned carrots, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pumpkin pies ( made by jon) and I'm gonna do cornbread & banana bread loafs! :) Mmmm...I'm hungry now! LOL

Spicy Corn 
1 - 29oz. can of whole kernel corn
1 - 8oz. pck of cream cheese sofened
1 -  sm. 4oz. can of chopped green chiles
Completely drain corn and excess of green chiles. Combine all incredients in bowl and mix until completed mixed together. (it's that easy)
OOhh! Karen @ Sew Many Ways is hosting a Recipe Party beginning Nov. 28th. You should come!!

Sew Many Ways Recipe Party!

And I forgot to attach a pic of Ty Pennington from Market yesterday!
Enjoy your weekend!!

Told ya it was paparazzi (hee hee)



CaraQuilts said...

Shane already asked what I'm making him for US Thanksgiving! And apparently his friends have heard it''s good and have been trying for invites lol

Niki said...

Lol Cara! Do it! You can celebrate for our Thanksgiving...What are ya gonna make!?