Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 4

OMG! I hate day 4! I am an emotional wreck! I'm ok right now, but ordinarily I'm pretty tough and don't take things people say the wrong way or offensively, but today I sure did. I don't know why I was so vulnerable.  Maybe due to my lack of caffeine? I did quit cold turkey. I haven't had a Pepsi in 5 days. I feel like an addict. I guess I sorta am...'Hi, my name is Niki and a Pepsi-aholic' . Gosh, I hope tomorrow gets better. (I ate within my calorie allowance, so I didnt fall off) It's a good thing there aren't any Twinkies in the house...Just, not really.
I got the book I ordered for my swap buddy, SaraBeth, so now I can get her package in the mail. (You're gonna love it, hope you haven't already read it!)

Although today was emotionally challenging for me to day..I have to say that all in all I am thankful for the important things in life, like my 4 wonderful, beautiful, fun and intelligent little girls and a husband who is just amazing. There isn't anything he can't or won't do, even dishes, laundry, cooking.......Thank You, God for everybody and everything you've given me!

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curegirl0421 said...

Good luck kicking the habit! You can do it!