Saturday, December 5, 2009

ME: On A Diet

Alright, this isn't working out, I find myself not knowing how to eat in certain enviornments, like I conscienely know I shouldn't be eating an Angry Chicken sandwich from Burger King, but I do it rather than getting a salad, it's like my husbnd is skinny and wants to stop somewhere without very many healthy choices available and in a hurry we go..So, if I eat just once, I'll be ok....Nope, then I eat it again telling myself the same thing....and again.....and again......I just feel miserable about it and myself for being so weak and I'm always starving!!!!! I gotta do something else!  So, you all know who Dr. Oz is right? Well, he also has a series of YOU: books, I own them all, including YOU: On a Diet.  Why now I am remembering this?? I should have started reading it when I got it almost 2 years ago.  Anyway, the books has the inside reality of how your body functions, helps you understand and then use that knowledge to eat healthier and lead a healthier life.  One of this things I've read about is excersize. Here's the plan it suggests: walk 30 minutes a day every day and when youre done, then stretch your muscles for 3-5 minutes. Every other day, you are doing a 20 minutes work out where it gives illustrations and a website to see how you are supposed to do them correctly. Says if you do this while also eating the suggested "yes" foods, I can lose a dress size in 2 weeks. I started today....178lbs...We'll see where Im at \on the 20th.  love you guys!

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♥Georgie♥ said...

You can do this-I hadnt heard of dr oz's you books before...
walking 30mins a day seems reasonable and if it wasnt 15 degrees out I think i would do it today...wishing you luck