Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yet Another, Sunday Afternoon

It's seems like Sundays are my productive days....I made the Nieman Marcus Cookies today ( only had one), and tried out a new pattern by Lazy Girl Designs called the Maggie Bag. Its a cute little thing! See? This is gonna be another neat little gift!
Weather has been fireplace worthy, so cuddling with the girls has been fun!
  So, coming up in June is Spring Market in Minneapolis. Usually, this is somewhere that Deb goes on her own and we (the managers) usually stay home. Well, Friday, my boss told me she had an idea....It involves me going with her to Market. WOO HOO! Yay me!  So, I am absolutely excited and am going to hardly stay sane thinking about all the new fabrics, patterns & celebrity designers there will be and the project ahe wants to do! Anyone been before? Is it anyting like Houston Market?
Well, just wanted to say hey...Hubby is screaming his head off at the TV watching the Giants & Saints...I'm gonna go....Talk to ya soon!

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