Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis the Season..

Woo Hoo! I am jolly!  So, just when I was thinking my ornament swap partner forgot about me..I get a package! OMG and she is the sweetest ever! She didn't send any candy as she was lookin' out for me and my diet. Thanks, Chic! You're awesome because I so would have eaten it! LOL  LOVE LOVE LOVE my ornament! Its so pretty and will do nice on my "bling" Christmas tree. (that I put up 2 weekends ago) Thanksgiving night is traditionally when we put up the tree, but my blog buddies got me excited early!
I've been working on Wonder Wallets by Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Desgins and, MAN! Those little guys are the easiest, funnest, addicting things to make! See? I WILL make 50 by Christmas! Just watch and see! I've been posting on Facebook!

Ok, so the diet....Errrr....lifestyle change.....Well, I was a little naughty during Thanksgiving, and ate a little more than my 1800 calorie diet allows, but I had to, the lovely "Aunt Flo" was visiting that week and food was the only thing keeping me sane...Wait, yeah...I actually wasn't stressed or overwhelmed at all. I cooked 15 dishes and entertained about 15 people throught the late afternoon. And like awesome guests, they saw how tired I was and left early....Not that I wanted anyone to leave, they didn't try to keep me up....My wonderful hubby then cleaned EVERYTHING! Dishes, put food in Tupperware...so good! Oh so anyway,the diet....I'm gonna tell you a little secret...My weight....well, I'll tell you what it was the day after thanksgiving  180! Yeah, it's Tuesday and down to 172, so Im guessing a lot of that was water/bloating/Flo.  My goal is 150..I'd be happy even with 160. I have excess belly weight that doesn't help the acid reflux, heart burn and even the difficulty in tying my shoes and then the swollen feet , Ugh! Plus, I'm way outta shape and need to excersize a little more maybe than I am.
Enough about that, I'm at a blah stage in the "lifestyle" change, I'm making the Holidays excuses for me not staying on track...(to self: *Schlap!* Stop it!) But, I'm not grouchy at all, I'm happy when I eat...and thats the problem!
Ok...I blah blah blah blah'ed enough....

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Leslie said...

I'm SO glad you like the ornament....my husband & kids thought it turned out well but you never know...
You inspired me to step on the scale this morning. I've been scared to because I know I'm the heaviest I've ever been. So now that my worst fears are realized, I'm on the wagon with you. I'm even thinking about not baking anything for Christmas!
Keep up the good work girl!