Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Special .....K that is

Yes, I saw the commercial and instantly knew I wanted to take the challenge..Like seriously, who doesn't want to lose a dress size in two weeks!?
So, I actual began my 14 day challenge yesterday. I went to the store picked up some Special K cereal, cereal bars, granola bars....and wheat bread....ordinarily I eat white bread...Now, I can see h ow you can lose the weight and inches, because you're not eating anything...You're eating Special K products and then a meal once a day...I can see myself turning this into a new way of eating...but with substitutions...I did really well only consuming 1300 calories yesterday...I didn't realize how much I usually ate until I began my diary of everything I put into my mouth...Just to see, I made up a list of stuff I might throw into my mouth on a "normal" day and Holy Schmoly I was consuming about 6000 calories or more a day....We constantly have cookies or pies or cakes sitting out around work and then I eat out at lunch and then dinner and snacks and then at least once on the weekends...I had no wonder I'm gaining weight...
So, day two, I'm already at about 1320, so this means, I'll probably have a protein shake or something for dinner...yikes! When I did the calculations for how many calories you should consume to maintain my desired weight it was 1800, Im trying to stay at about 1300-1500 the first couple weeks and as I lose and am more active physically, increase my calories...this isn't easy, guys!
Wish me at least 2 dress sizes less and a ton of energy! That's all... lol

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