Saturday, September 11, 2010

New House

Holy Schmoly I havent posted in here in a while...well, Im not even gonna promise that I will post more often...I need to just do it LOL

Well, I love the idea of our YOE swap creature being a mouse this month! I can finally put a little more into this month, now that we arent in the middle of moving!

 But, since last time....We've closed on our house...Aug.30th to be exact and a week later I had everything unpacked and the house decorated!! Seriously, you know when you really want something so bad or there is something you are so excited about that you can't help but think about it and want to do it all the time...Well, thats what it was with our new..ahem...First House!! I couldnt wait to make it "mine" and I didnt! LOL
 Here is a pic of when you first walk in the front door..A little fuzzy, my camera is dying on me, I think...But isnt it cute??!! We did a major downsize, but I can't say that I miss anything about the big house or the big mess there always was to clean...The girls are super excited too....They even keep their rooms clean (hope I dont jynx myself for writing that)

 I'll be hosting a Virtual Open House Warming party the first weekend in October, so you guys have to be sure to come back and check it out...So many people ask to see the house...I'm gonna walk through and video & post to You tube for a short while! Will have "refreshments" on the blog that day, including some of my favorite recipes and anything else I can think to share that someone other than me might like!

Well, good talking to ya again!

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Melinda Cornish said...

thank you so much for the wonderful ocotopus ornaments and congratulations on your new home! I think mice will be easier!