Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Day Well Spent?

I had the day off today. While I was home alone and had made so many plans of what I wanted to accomplish...I did none of it. I really needed to go to the DMV, changed my mind....Was going to shampoo the carpets and rearrange the living room...I just didn't...Wanted to sew a couple of things...Nope....
Hey, but I did go to the post office and to my suprise I had a package!! It was from SarahBeth, my awesome book swap buddy!  She sent me some Montana Hucklerberry Tea and some Chai Green Tea along with the book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and a cute little note! I got about 20 pages into the book, but had to set it down because this book needs my full attention...I just got too excited and wanted to read it like NOW. LOL  Got her a great book, I hope she loves and some "must haves" for reading! (Can't tell you what it is..She might be reading this ~wink~).

Ok, in all seriousness, I've been wanting to lose weight and just make healthier choices...Yeah, doesn't everyone, though?! My sister and I have decided to start our new way of life Nov. 1st...Yes, like this Sunday!  This is probably the best time of any meaning it's going to take extra dedication and dicipline to get through the holidays! Just what we need! If we can make it through Thanksgiving and Christmas making good choices in eating and physical activities, then we can do anything. We're trying to convince our childhood friend, Jake, to join us, but he's being a weirdo (love ya)...We'll get him in on it...Anyway, we're going to blog our progress, using our blogs, Facebook & Myspace to log our progress, revelations and tribulations.  I'm serious, I've been saying I'm gonna do this every single day since I had the twins, but always tell myself "I'll just do it tomorrow", I dont know if I'm afraid or what....Anyone got any advice before we make the big plunge?  Let me quit going on...Maybe if I publish this post, the actual public announcement of wanting to make this change will motivate me to actually do it...I'm not saying my husband and kids aren't motivation enough, but I don't know, ya know?
I can do this...Oh, did I mention that Twinkies are my best friends? I can do this.
So, yeah, I did get some sewing done this week....See my cool tablerunner?
Talk to ya soon!
xoxo Niki


♥georgie♥ said...

I think making a chnage towads a healthier lifestyle is awesome...i so need to do this as well! YOU CAN DO IT!

that tablerunner is super cute!

i wanted to let you know we emailed your sss partners name to the email you provided on your q&a and it bounced back to us...can you please double check that email and see if it is sometimes bounces emails back when they were actually received...

Please let me know asap-so i can resend to a different email addy if you did not get your partners name

Melinda Cornish said...

love the tablerunner!!! I sympathize deeply with you on the pepsi thing. My name is MelindaandIamadietcokeaholic....yep, it is true....I am in the enchanted swap with you, and wanted to come say hi!