Sunday, October 18, 2009

On A Sunday Afternoon

It was a pretty productive day today considering I woke up late and then took an early nap! :o)  But, I got these two bags done today. The one with green is for my little sister who's birthday day is this week and the other will probably go to my realtor. She just had a baby, so I think she'll like it!  I designed them myself. I can do so much better when I sew on my own rather than follow a pattern. I can pretty much look at a picture and then recreate it. I guess I'm cool like that! (wink)
So, I'm getting addicted swaps now. LOL I just recieved my book swap partner today and am joining in on the Secret Santa Swap. These are kinda fun!


Georgie said...

Love both those bags! super cute-you are so talented

♥georgie♥ said...

just stopping by visiting all the SSS participants today hope your having a wonderful week!