Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Do?

I've been debating cutting my hair....I think I'm ready, I've been wearing long hair since I've had kids and its getting old wearing the same hair style. I feel different, so I wanna look different. I cut about 6 inches or so off, and Im shoulder length now...I didn't have the nerve to cut it all the way, but I think Im decided on a hairstyle if I can get past the hubby..He's freaking out that I wanna cut it. Anyway, I like this style Rhianna is wearing. What do you think?
Hmmm...I must admit it's been a great weekend. The girls and I cleaned house yesterday. I took full advantage of their labor, too.  They kinda just weasled their way around me early in the morning, until I told them they would have to pay me if I had to clean their room...That got 'em moving, 'cause I was gonna charge each kid $20. LOL SO, my house got cleaned real good yesterday, including windows and dusting!
I'm getting some creative urges....Will have my ornie package out this week. :o) Since I will be going to Spring Market in May, I am having ideas of what I will wear. Yes, I have noticed, that some attendees wear some great handmade apparel, and of course a bag is on the agenda, too! I am getting excited to run into Keri Beyer & Pat Sloan!
I promise not to post without a new handbag made! XOXO
Gonna go browse Swapdex!

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